Company overview

IREC is a Rwandan registered consultancy and training firm that specializes in providing capacity building solutions to organizations across diverse sectors.

Your partner in building a better, stronger workforce that strives to achieve your company’s goals.

Transitions are times of opportunity, change, and possibilities. Unfortunately, they are also times of vulnerability not only for the newly-promoted but also for the organizations and people behind them. Transition management is key to facilitating all of this smoothly.

how can we help you?

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IREC is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated to support the growing field of practitioners using collective impact.

Chairman, I Connect Solutions Ltd

Mission statement

‘ We offer excellent human resource training and development programmes aimed at value addition for organizations’.

Moto: “Developing the effectiveness in you”.


  • Promote lifelong learning.
  • Developing people.
  • Quality conscious.
  • Meeting clients’ needs.
  • Encourage self-review and continuous improvement.


Our Team

As an organization, we pride ourselves in close interaction with our clients. We offer training and advice that helps professionals realize their potential. As such it’s very important to us that we find the right people for the organization. We hire the most qualified people with the right experience.
At IREC we deliver training sessions to fill the gap between the old position and the new one. Each course presents different ways to ensure employees not only succeed in times of transition, they realize their full potential and deliver results. So whether you are supporting an employee who is stepping up to a new role, building the fundamentals of high potentials or developing the skill sets that ensure success, each training session will provide the practical and expert knowledge to support you, your employees and
your organization.

We have identified the following four key areas where organizations such as yours find our training programs to be timely and effective.

– Governance and strategy;
– Strategic and tactical marketing;
– Corporate and Project Finance;
– Business analysis and Project management.

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