On job training

These come in form of bespoke coaching sessions that involve on-job support for your staff by our experienced professionals to deliver results and transfer skills in an agile environment. These may include process improvement and change management, among others.


IREC is in a position to work with the bank in providing more value to the bank’s diverse stakeholders especially the MSMEs in business-based research and consultancy e.g in guiding the businesses in the development of business plans, marketing audits, portfolio analysis and effective targeting for business success.


In order to ensure quality, the participants are given a chance to evaluate the content, facilitator, and whole process at the end of every training session.  The outcome is shared with the trainers and corrective actions taken on the weak areas.  The areas that received favorable to outstanding feedback are also enhanced.

  • The center periodically invites renowned trainers in specific subject areas to sit in during training to listen in and then later give feedback on the whole training.  The feedback is used to improve on content and process adopted.  In addition, as part of the training preparation, the center carries out a needs assessment to determine the training gaps that every course would focus on.  At the beginning of every training session, the participants are given the opportunity to express their expectations.  The trainers ensure that they capture the expectations throughout the training sessions.  IREC also periodically video records its training sessions and have a play-back with the facilitators as part of post training evaluation.
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